Registration and Residency FAQ's



Q:  Are there instructions for online registration?
A:  Yes.  Detailed instructions are available by selecting New or Returning student here or on the associated registration tabs in the left index.


Q:  Am I able to use my mobile device (cell phone or tablet) to complete the registration?

A:  No.  Mobile devices will not open required documents nor offer full functionality of our online registration process.  We ask that you NOT use phones or tablets for OLR applications.

  Which internet browsers are supported?
A:  Infinite Campus supports recent browser versions of Firefox (Mac & PC), Chrome, and Safari.

LOGIN/ACCESS ISSUES (Parents of Returning Students)

Q:  I can't remember my Infinite Campus Parent Portal password - how do I retrieve i

A:  Please access the parent portal login screen here, Infinite Campus Parent Portal, and click on "FORGOT PASSWORD."  You will be guided to reset your password.  If you don't remember which email was used to setup your account or you have since changed it, please contact your school office for assistance.

Q:  I'm a parent trying to register my returning student using my portal account but I don't have the link, why?
A:  The annual returning student registration link is only available in the parent/guardian portal account of the primary household guardian; registration needs to be completed by this parent.

Q:  I'm a non-household or secondary household guardian and cannot register my children, why?

A:  The registration link is only accessible to the student’s primary household guardian

Q:  Why do I continue to have the registration link in my portal inbox after I've already completed it?
A:  You may have completed the application but not SUBMITTED it.  Please follow the link above to your parent portal and submit your application by going to the student section and clicking "Save & Continue."


Q:  What file format should I use for uploading documents into my OLR application?  Is there more than one option?

When you access a form located within our application, it will open as a fillable PDF.  You can then complete it, save it to your device as a PDF using the naming convention provided, and then upload your document(s).  We highly recommend using the PDF format for all other required documents, as well.  Adobe is the most common and is always a reliable source, but any PDF source should work just fine.  JPG/JPEG/PNG have worked fairly well but with less reliability and quality.


Q:  Where can I get my child’s current immunization record?

cceptable immunization documents include records provided by a licensed physician or a public health authority.  These documents must include immunization dates, as well as the signature or stamp of the physician or health department official.  Exemptions to state immunization law may be granted in accordance with state law and the State Department of Health.

Q:  Where can I get my child’s official birth certificate?

ertified copies of birth certificates can be obtained from the vital records division in the state where the child was born. 

For a child born in Oklahoma, request the birth certificate online by clicking here, or visit the Vital Records Service Room at the Oklahoma State Department of health, 1000 NE 10th St., Oklahoma City.  The office is open Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:00pm.  Call 405-271-4040 for more information or for instructions on obtaining a birth certificate by mail.

For a child born outside of Oklahoma, the National Center for Health Statistics provides a list of Vital Record agencies here:

Q:  Why do we need to answer personal questions about the custody of our child?

The intent of the required District Custody questions are to establish the foundation of the student's household so we will know who has the legal right to pick up the student from school, contact the child while at school, and/or access the child's school records.  Documents supporting the student's custody are required.  Safety is an ongoing concern for all school districts and we want to be proactive in our security practices.

Q:  My Driver's License address is no longer current--do I have to get a new license?
A:  We strongly recommend your driver's license match your enrollment residence.  There is also an Oklahoma law which requires your driver's license address be updated within 10 days of moving to a new residence. 

- You can get a new driver's license from your closest DMV OR
- Click HERE for change of address information from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.


Q:  What can I provide as proof of residency?

A:  We require TWO sources of proof for establishing residency including ONE utility bill:  gas, water, or electric. 

       **Access your online account HERE to print confirmation direct from your provider.

One other form of residency documentation must come from either the:


1) Home Ownership group (settlement statement, warranty deed, mortgage statement) or the
2) Leasing Group (lease/rental agreement)

ntent to
build a home does not constitute legal residency.  If a home being built within Deer Creek boundaries is under construction, we may accept a copy of the fully-executed construction contract, along with the Construction Residency Affidavit and proof of earnest money payment.  A construction-verified resident shall have the remainder of their first enrolled term to establish permanent residence in the district.  A maximum of one term of construction residency is allowed.

Q:  If I proved residency when I recently enrolled my child as a new student in Deer Creek, do I need to verify my residency again in the summer?
A:  Yes, a utility bill showing a July or August service date prior to the start of each new school year must be provided during our annual residency verification dates.  Any primary household with a change of home ownership or a new leasing contract from the prior year must also provide updated documentation with your utility bill.

New enrollments approved after July 1 with a utility bill reflecting July or August service will already have provided proof of service dates covering annual residency verification and, therefore, will not have to submit again before school starts.

Additional Residency Information may be found HERE.


Q:  I have students at different schools, do I need to fill out a Free/Reduced Lunch application for each one?
A:  Only one application per household is needed.
Full details and applications are available in Deer Creek Schools confidential Free & Reduced Application.

Q:  If I don't qualify for free/reduced lunch now, may I apply at a later date?
A:  Yes, applications are accepted anytime during the school year; however, eligibility is based on the date the application is processed.
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