Welcome to the Communication Department webpage for Deer Creek Schools. Our commitment is to provide transparent and timely communication, keeping everyone informed about the latest news, events, and achievements within our district. We embrace the power of effective communication to foster understanding and engagement. Whether you're a parent seeking updates on school activities or a community member interested in staying connected with our district's initiatives, we are here to help you stay informed about the great things happening in Deer Creek. 

Social Media

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Social Media Community Guidelines

Our social media accounts serve as an avenue to disseminate information about important district news, celebrate achievements from our many talented students and teachers, and promote Deer Creek School District to its supportive community.
While we we encourage community engagement, comments and/or posts that contain the following may be removed: profane language; personal attacks on individuals or specific groups; content that promotes discrimination in any form; external links that are deemed inappropriate or are spam; promotion of illegal, harmful, or offense activity; and any other content that is political, racist, violent, obscene or any form of cyberbullying.
Please be aware that all content and posts are bound by the platform's Terms of Use. We reserve the right to delete comments or topics and block users, if needed. Comments by visitors to this page, including any external links shared, are not endorsements by Deer Creek School District. Additionally, comments may be disabled if posts are for informational use only.
Personal information should not be shared on this page. Any comments or posts including confidential or personal information will be deleted by page administrators.
Updated: 3/21/2023

Media Relations
We love to highlight the great things happening in our schools, our talented students and outstanding teachers. We always have many stories to share, so please reach out if you are looking for story ideas! 

All media interviews and requests should be made to Maggie Leftwich, Deer Creek Public Information Officer at maggieleftwich(at) or 405-960-3370. 

Weekly Newsletter
Each Friday, we send out a district newsletter to all students, staff, and parents/guardians. Each school site also sends out a parent/guardian newsletter once a week. If you are not receiving these newsletters and would like to, please follow these steps: 
  1. Check your spam folders. If you find an email from "Deer Creek School District" or your child's school site or principal, report the message as "not spam" and move it to your inbox. 
  2. Login to the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus and double-check the parent emails listed under settings
  3. If you have no emails in spam and the emails are listed correctly in Parent Portal, contact the secretaries at your child's school site. 
You can view the district newsletter here

Branding Guidelines
Deer Creek's official brand guidelines are available here

Tell Your Story
If you have a Deer Creek event, student or teacher accomplishment or activity you'd like to publicize, please submit your story to [email protected].  
(Deer Creek employees or volunteers only) 

Communication Methods - Annual Reminder
Deer Creek School District utilizes a broadcast messaging and notification system to communicate with families. There are three channels within the system: phone call, email and text message. It is imperative that parents review their communication preferences in the Parent Portal to ensure they opt-in to the various communication channels. In the event you believe you are not receiving our district or school emails, please double check the information on your Parent Portal and contact your child’s school site for assistance. 

Crisis communications are usually tiered; the first communication briefly summarizes the situation and follow up communications provide more details, if necessary and/or appropriate. Communications are usually only sent to the school(s) affected. We will also use social media to communicate emergency messages if needed, only after and in addition to our mass notifications via phone call, text, and email. 

Communications do not share discipline details for the individuals involved, as we are obligated to protect the rights and privacy of our students and staff due to state and federal privacy laws. 

Generally, we do not send broadcast messages for student medical emergencies, fire/tornado drills, or other situations where there is no threat to student or staff safety. First responder presence at a building does not necessarily indicate an emergency. Our first responders visit our schools regularly for drills, training, classroom visits, and more. 

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