Ranet Tippens Superintendent
 Lenis DeRieux Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources & Communication
 Diana Jones Assistant Superintendent
Teaching and Learning Services
 James Edward Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Johnson
Chief Operations Officer
James Rose
Executive Director of
Student Services
Bill Bays
Director of  Athletics
George Meiwes
Assistant Director of  Athletics/
MS Assistant Principal
 Justin Leatherbury Technology Director
 Tommy Buckner Assistant Technology Director
 Kelly Hinton Director of Information Systems
Elvin McDaniel Director of Operations
Josh Critchfield Director of  Transportation
Joe Rainbolt Transportation Manager

 Steve Nola Transportation Lead
Jerri Bishop  Operations/Transportation
Administrative Clerk
 Nirali Mickow
Child Nutrition Supervisor
 Amy Urbach Child Nutrition
Administrative Assistant
Amber Sands Finance Director
Dee McDaniel Payroll/ Activity Fund
Shirley Porterfield Business Manager
Kristen Payahsape Human Resources Specialist
Kaye Pena Curriculum Specialist
 Melissa Willis Deer Creek  
Administrative Clerk